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Evelina Papazova

Bulgarian nationality, she lives in Italy, where she has been devoting to Oriental dancing for many years.


She got her qualifications at “Centre Artistique Zaza Hassan” in  Paris (France)    

 She started as a child training in classical then modern dance. In 1996 she started studying Oriental Dancing at elementary level with different Italian teachers. In 2000 she improved her dancing knowledge attending several workshops held by teachers as Maria Martinez (Bologna), Devorah Korek (Barcellona), Aziza (Turin), Jillina (California), Wael Mansour (Cairo), Suraya Hilal- founder of Hilal School of Raqs Sharqi"(London)  and her teachers Marie Al Fajar (Paris), Sabina Todaro (Milan), Beatrice Grognard (Bruxelles), Claudia Heinle (Switzerland), Ashraf Hassan (Egiypt), Mohamed Shahin (Egitto), Orit Maftsir (Israel).

Since 2003 she has regularly attended the Oriental Dance International Festival “Ahlan Wa Sahlan” in Cairo where she  has been studied and improved  her style with the best Choreographers in the field as: Zaza Hassan, Raqia Hassan , Farida Fahmy, Amir Thaleb, Momo Kadous, Mahmoud Reda, Aida Nour, Nagwa Fouad, Mona el Said, Yorsry Sharif, Soraya Zayed, Randa Kamel, Dina, Khaled Mahmoud, Khairiyya Maazin, Lubna Imam, Freiz, Allaa Yousef.

In 2008 she attended an intensive professional course held by Gamal Seif, Khaled Seif and Aladin El Kholy in Germany.  

 She has danced with several traditional group and prestigious orchestras as the Tangeri Arab-Andalusian Orchestra (Morocco) touring Italy in 2001.

She was invited as solo dancer to take part to an evening event ispired by  “the One and Thousand Nights” in Casablanca (Morocco) and there danced with  Mernissi” orchestra and Gnawa "Sidi Mimoun" Brotherhood from Marrakech.

In June  2004 she took part to the performance AL KAZAR at  Valli Theatre  in  Reggio Emilia, based on the mixing of various cultures (Flamenco, Arabian and Neapolitan), from an idea of  Jamal Ouassini, violinist and  composer from  Tangier, of Joaquin Ruiz, one of the mosst famous star of contemporary Flamenco and of  Nando Citarella, one of the most brilliant musician in Naples today.

She joined several happenings and projects as:

- “Fondi meets the World

- International festival “Roscigno Dance”–“Words and Sounds from the village”

- Performance “ Migrant: yesterday and today” directed by Vladimira Cantoni at Town Theatre in  Ferrara

- Cultural review "Alì Babà and his 40 sounds" with Zidane El Amrani  at the Cultural Centre  Rossi (COSTA DI ROVIGO).

- Performance ORIENTAL PAGES as main character  at  ART Theatre, Dozza (BO). A narrative path on waves leading east

- Performance “The language of dancing” at the Town Theatre in Ferrara.

- Performance "NOTRE DAME DE PARIS" Brancaccio Theatre in  Roma , Art Director Marcello Sindici.


She was invited as hosr at the International  Gala of the  4º and 5° Festival International Oriental Dance "Egypt  en Barcelona" by Munique Neith – Spain, "Orient Festival Pur" – Germany, “Marhaba!Belly dance festival Rome”.

At present she teaches all around Italy and at the festivals “Bellybolly”, “Heshk Beshk”,  “Etna Belly Dance Sicilia”, “Silk Road Projects - Venice Oriental Dance Convention”, “Almea’s Festival” . She also holds regular workshops in Bulgaria, where she was the first to  introduce this Art of Dancing.

Thanks to her several performances she is known as a brilliant Ambassadress in this discipline, which she considers harmony between body and soul.

She is part of the cast in the performance “Bellydance Evolution” touring Italy and Prague, directed by the American Superstar  Jillina Carlano.




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